[Pkg-shadow-devel] Preparing holidays

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Fri Jun 9 05:41:05 UTC 2006

We still have time, but I prefer not doing things at the last minute.

From Aug 3rd to about Aug 22nd, I will be completely offline. Given
this very long break, I don't expect being operational again, for
Debian activities, before Aug 25th.

There is a quite strong chance that, at this time, we will be in a
freeze, preparing etch, or very near to it.

So, we might need to do last minutes polishes....or fork the package
with new versions going to experimental and maintenance happening in
unstable (only RC bug fixes or l10n fixes).

In any case, it would be preferrable to have a DD available for doing
uploads during that time frame.

In the past, Martin Quinson was a team member but Martin recently
unsubscribed from the list...probably because he feels that his
contribution to shadow has fallen down to 0.

Do you people have any suggestions about who we could ask to be involved
in the package maintenance during that time period?

I was actually thinking about Steve Langasek because we have good
personal relations and he has good knowledge of some stuff related to
shadow, but he's the release manager, so...:-)

Of course, we "only" need someone to take care of uploads and maybe
some constructive criticims here or there but I know that Nicolas is
actually perfectly able to handle everything himself..:-)


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