[Pkg-shadow-devel] Re: [patch] document useradd behavior when run without the -g option

Tomasz Kłoczko kloczek at zie.pg.gda.pl
Mon Jun 12 06:22:24 UTC 2006

Dnia 12-06-2006, pon o godzinie 07:50 +0200, Christian Perrier
> > The same reasons is on refuse any patches for RH/Fedora -r extension 
> > because this also now handled by -K <KEY>=<VALUE>.
> Which is actually too bad as that one made it to the LSB, like it or
> not....
> Actually we don't really care in Debian as we added the relevant patch
> to our "specific" patches, but you know about our will to avoid
> specific patches as much as possible.

Short comment: shadow useradd *always* handles -r like functionality ..
even before introducing by RH this change.
Previous it was accessible by undocumented -O <KEY>=<VALUE>. After make
this documented I decide change this to similar Solaris -K KEY>=<VALUE>.
After introducing -r option by RH it was pushed this to LSB .. still
*without* consultation with Marek Michałkiewicz (previous shadow
maintainer) or me. It was second time when this was accrues. First was
with -M option in useradd. Now we have another case with -l option.

Question: what to do when some persons have short(er than other people)
path for make some thing and their introduces some completely stupid
things a law ?


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