(forw) Re: [Pkg-shadow-devel] Re: Bug#366545: pidentd: [security] use /bin/nologin instead of /bin/false in /etc/passwd

Christian Perrier bubulle at kheops.frmug.org
Mon Jun 19 20:44:26 UTC 2006

Below Tomasz (shoadow upstream) suggestion for nologin location.

Anyone with arguments pro or against putting nologin in /sbin? I
actually have a moderate advice about it....I would have put it in
/bin, because login is there and so are other "shells".

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Subject: Re: [Pkg-shadow-devel] Re: Bug#366545: pidentd: [security] use
	/bin/nologin instead of /bin/false in /etc/passwd
From: Tomasz Kłoczko <kloczek at zie.pg.gda.pl>
To: Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian.org>
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 20:37:56 +0200
X-Mailer: Evolution 2.7.3 (2.7.3-2) 

Dnia 19-06-2006, pon o godzinie 18:08 +0200, Christian Perrier
> > To Shadow list: please consider moving:
> > 
> >   /usr/bin/nologin   => /bin/nologin
> > 
> > so that other packages could start using 'nologin' instead of current
> > /bin/false.
> This seems fair by me. I wonder whether this should deserve a
> transition or just move the binary....After all, nologin is not here
> since a long time so it's pretty unlikely that many packages use it
> (for instance to define it as some created users shell).
> I'm tempted to avoid a complicated transition. Advices?
> I think that this suggestion should go to upstream as well. Having
> nologin in /bin does not make sense only for Debian, of course.
> Tomasz?
> Jari, I'm OK with you cloning this bug report and reassign a "please
> move nologin to /bin" bug to login.

I'm jus look on ..

$ whereis nologin ; uname -rs
OpenBSD 3.8

The same location uses now RH/Fedora so probably better will be use the
same as in this two cases.


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