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jewel Taylor aluaaa12 at yahoo.ca
Wed May 10 07:59:57 UTC 2006

                                     RE: PLEA FOR ASSISTANCE 
  Good Day,
  I know your first reaction to this mail will be total rejection, scare and disbelief, owning largely to the atrocities people commit these days. But this mail comes from a devastated, sorrowful and emotional laden soul that needs compassion from a kind and good spirited person to wipe away my tears. Writing this mail was one of the most difficult decision I have ever taken but Difficulties encountered in efforts to establish a credible contact abroad necessitate this search for someone to assist me in securing what is left with my life.  Please my dear don’t treat this mail as one of the fraudulent and scam emails we receive everyday through internet, this is definitely not one of them. 
   My name is Mrs. Jewel Taylor, the wife of former Liberian President Mr. Charles Ghankay Taylor who is currently held captive in neighboring Sierra Leone where a UN-backed war crimes court wants to put him on trial for alleged war crimes. Though Mr. Taylor was once a rebel leader backed by the American government to oust the worst government of then Liberian president Samuel Doe, he was latter elected president of Liberian in 1997 in a poll which  were probably the most democratic the country had seen at the time. When, as president in 1999, he faced accusations from the United Nations that he was a gun runner and a diamond smuggler, simply because he falls out of favor with the America government because he did not give them access to explore Liberian Diamonds. The same US Government latter sponsored so called Lurds rebellion to oust Charles Taylor just like they did in Haiti, Iraq, Zimbabwe and most African countries because of our vast resources. 
  On March 29 Taylor who had been given asylum in Nigeria in 2003 after he went into exile as part of a deal to end 14 years of civil war in Liberia - was arrested in a Land Rover, carrying two large sacks of cash while trying to escape from Nigeria. We were traveling with him in convoy but manage to escape neighboring Cameroon when the immigration pounced on him. The fact that President George Bush forced Taylor to leave Liberia shows his prosecution was political which was confirmed On 17 March 2006, when Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the new democratically elected President of Liberia, submitted an official request to Nigeria for the extradition of Charles Taylor while visiting U.S.A. With this development Nigerian President Gen Olusegun Obasanjo instructed us to flee to neighboring Cameroon but was put under immense pressure and stop us when President Bush whom he is supposed to meet the next day in New York told him there will be no meeting unless he arrest Taylor which tells
 you his arrest was political, it is the same United States presented a draft resolution to the United Nations Security Council seeking a freeze of Taylor's assets, as well as those of his family and allies on 6 March 2004. You can read some of the news on this websites (http://www.theage.com.au/news/world/un-court-too-busy-to- try-warlord/2006/04/02/1143916408603.html) 
  During my husband’s arrest, we managed to escape with US$11 Million Dollars which we will like you to help me invest in your country because the environment here is no longer safe for us.  Recent arrest of his son in America can tell you they are out to get us, besides our friends have deserted us which prompt us to seek help from strangers. I will like to come over to your country to settle down and invest my money with your help and assistance. I will tell you more about this issue when I receive your confirmation that you will assist me, if you will like to assist me, please contact me so that we will discuss the percentage, so that both parties will be satisfied. Contact me as soon as you receive this message if you feel we can work together for me to give you further details. Thanking you in advance and May God bless you. Please, treat with utmost confidentiality. I wait your urgent response
  Yours truly,
  Mrs. Jewel Taylor

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