[Pkg-shadow-devel] Bug#390110: ftbfs: old xml2po fails, build scripts ignore that

Max Kellermann max at duempel.org
Thu Jan 4 07:27:20 CET 2007

On 2006/09/29 20:41, Nicolas Fran?ois <nicolas.francois at centraliens.net> wrote:
> Why cutting this?

Usage:  /usr/bin/xml2po [OPTIONS] [XMLFILE]...

OPTIONS may be some of:
    -a    --automatic-tags     Automatically decides if tags are to be
                                 "final" or not
    -k    --keep-entities      Don't expand entities
    -e    --expand-all-entities  Expand ALL entities (including SYSTEM
    -m    --mode=TYPE          Treat tags as type TYPE (default:
    -o    --output=FILE        Print resulting text (XML or POT) to
    -p    --po-file=FILE       Specify PO file containing translation,
and merge
                                 Overwrites temporary file .xml2po.mo.
    -r    --reuse=FILE         Specify translated XML file with the
same structure
    -t    --translation=FILE   Specify MO file containing translation,
and merge
    -u    --update-translation=LANG.po   Updates a PO file using
msgmerge program
    -v    --version            Output version of the xml2po program

    -h    --help               Output this message

    To create a POTemplate book.pot from input files chapter1.xml and
    chapter2.xml, run the following:
        /usr/bin/xml2po -o book.pot chapter1.xml chapter2.xml

    After translating book.pot into de.po, merge the translations
    using -p option for each XML file:
        /usr/bin/xml2po -p de.po chapter1.xml > chapter1.de.xml
        /usr/bin/xml2po -p de.po chapter2.xml > chapter2.de.xml

> Can you confirm the problem was the -l option?
> This option was introduced in 0.4.3.

When calling just "xml2po -p fr/fr.po -o fr/chage.1.xml chage.1.xml",
xml2po does not complain.


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