[Pkg-shadow-devel] Add RLIMIT_<RTPRIO/NICE> [patch]

Justin Bronder jsbronder at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 17:30:53 UTC 2007

On 14/09/07 07:11 +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> (CC'ing you in case you're not subscribed to the list)
> Given the current poor status of upstream, this should probably be
> reported as a wishlist bug against the Debian package.
> We still have to decide whether we take upstream over (such patches
> definitely belong to it). My current fear is that:
> -shadow package maintenance is made of
>  - Nicolas François: maintainer of other packages, most l10n-related
>    and quite alone on these. Good C skills but sometimes aware of
>    his limitations in that field, if I'm correct
>  - myself: (co-)maintainer of other packages, some of which I assure
>    some lead for (samba...), involved in l10n stuff, so limited time
>    and *very* limited (even nearly  null) knowledge and ability to
>     maintain C code
>  - Christine Spang: mostly lurker even though I'm sure she could do
>    much more. Involved in her studies so maybe limited time
>  - other lurkers?
> I see this as *too limited* in order to fully take upstream
> over. Having one or two people with good C skills, good experience in
> security/authentication-related issues, and particularly PAM stuff,
> would be enough, imho, to consider we have something solid and we can
> yell out that we take upstream development over.
> My ping to other distros maintainers has been helf successful. Most
> would be OK to follow and would have no objection to Debian takinig
> the "lead" but don't feel like contributing more than good interaction.
> We could of course call for help on Debian lists. After all, I see
> many ppl join for obscure package maintenance while our key packages
> are sometimes neglected.
> Anyone feeling like joining and convincing me that we can move on?

Thanks for the CC as you were correct, I'm not on the list.  I'm afraid that
I'm not knowldegeable enough about PAM to be of much help, nor do I consider
myself to be any sort of authentication guru.  Basically, this was a very
straight forward patch just adding some functionality.

I was pointed to this list by the Gentoo maintainers as being the location of
the interim upstream.  Given that everyone seems to agree they don't want/
don't feel comfortable taking the package over, I've gone ahead and submitted
this as an enhancement on Gentoo's bugzilla.

If anyone is interested in following:

Justin Bronder
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