[Pkg-shadow-devel] Sunkui oil painting studio

Sun Kui xiaogen14art at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 3 01:37:40 UTC 2008

        Please allow me introduce myself: We are Sunkui Oil Painting Studio.
We have the top-flight art studio and a team of highly skilled professional artists. We have many years of experience of creating paintings for both commercial use and individual clients world wide. We are very glad to offer our painting services to you. 
We specialize in painting pictures based on photographs you send to us. We are often hired to do portraites, land scapes,  flowers,and something others. We can make any size you want, or drawing pictures.No job is too big or too small. Our work is very professional and our prices are reasonable.
  We have worked many times with commercial artists in Europe and America painting corridors. And they are both praise our professional high quality workmanship .Our clients are very satisfied with our work, seeking our services again and again. 
We are sure you will be pleased with our high quality workmanship and high speed ! We normally finish your work within five to seven business days following receipt picture. when we complete the work, we will email the photograph to you of the finished work for your opinion. You can either approve the work or request any revisions you'd like made. We will continue revising it as necessary until you are completely satisfied.
We safely package and ship your work through FedEx or UPS. 
Price Estimates: 
Please send us an email describing what you want: a painting or a drawing, and the approximate size you need. We will send you a free price estimate. 
Shipping cost is based on your location and is not included in this quote. 
As with any creative work-  the price will be based on the complexity and size of the job.  
If you have any questions please  contact us.
We hope to offer service to you!

Thank you

The Sunkui Oil Painting Studio
xiaogen14art at hotmail.com


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