[Pkg-shadow-devel] I Will Appreciate Your Earliest Response.

BADUL SOWEDO thelmawebb3 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 14 03:06:51 UTC 2010

From Mr. Badul

My name is
Mr. Badul Sowedo a personal assistance to the wife of the late president Omar
Bongo, late president of republic of Gabon, who died 8th of June, 2009 in
Barcelona, Spain. 

Before his
death he amassed a fortune, including 66 private bank account and more than 45
houses all over the world in the name of his immediate family. 

He also made
a lot of cash deposit in big security companies in Spain, France and Belgium
and Switzerland. 

As i write
to you there is a cash deposit of $80 million US Dollars he made in a security
company in Spain in a coded formula, it’s only his wife and I who knows about

Now as his
financial consultants, who have good knowledge of the deposit, the wife has
mandated me to seek for a reliable, trust worthy person who will stand as
beneficiary to receive the funds for proper and profitable investment as she
cannot lay direct claim to the funds because of the ongoing probe and
investigation of Omar Bongo past administration by the European union economic

There is no
risk involved at all as all the logistics for a smooth transaction has been
perfected by us. 

She has
agreed to offer you 20%, of the funds for this assistance. Please this is a highly
confidential proposal which must be kept secret to you only. 

If you are
interested to partner with us do contact me on my email address. 

I Will
Appreciate Your Earliest Response. 


Badul Sowedo
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