[Pkg-shadow-devel] Bug#531955: More General Lack of NSS Support

Elliott Mitchell ehem at m5p.com
Fri Feb 19 08:25:14 UTC 2010

I don't believe this is attributable to NIS, but a more generalized
problem (and I would expect the general problem to effect current
versions of the passwd package too).

I'm running into a similar sort of difficulty here, except the package
I've got interacting in a bad way is libnss-db. Mainly, `useradd` doesn't
get the user/group DBs rebuilt when adding users/groups.

This will almost certainly be a problem for any of the NSS modules that
change where users/groups are stored or their formats. Looking at the
list of packages, this will almost certainly effect anyone who has one
or more of: libnss-db, libnss-extrausers, libnss-ldap, libnss-ldapd,
libnss-mysql, libnss-mysql-bg, libnss-pgsql2, or libnss3-1d packages

I'm unsure whether this is a flaw in `useradd`; or whether this is a
fault with libpam/libnss for not defining APIs to modify entries, in
addition to retrieving them.

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