[Pkg-shadow-devel] Bug#596283: Freeze exception: shadow / possible cron update?

Christian Kastner debian at kvr.at
Sun Sep 19 15:21:38 UTC 2010


On 08/18/2010 08:31 PM, Nicolas François wrote:
>   * debian/passwd.cron.daily: Handle the backups of the user and group
>     databases so that it can be removed from the standard daily cron job.
>     Closes: #554170

I only now noticed that this version of shadow entered testing.

Assuming that #596283 will be fixed by a -2 release of shadow, I was
wondering whether the Release Team would like a cron -115 as well, with
this feature removed from /etc/cron.daily/standard.

First, let me point out that keeping both around has zero negative
effects in practice, as both scripts will attempt to backup /etc/passwd
et al only if the backup copy differs from the original -- ie, nothing
is overwritten, as script #2 attempting to perform the backup will just
skip the files already backed up by script #1.

Nevertheless, this redundancy is questionable at best. Should the RT
therefore wish a cron-115, I'd prepare one with a solution analogous to
#541412, where backup of dpkg files was handed over to dpkg.


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