[Pkg-shadow-devel] Configuring shadow utilities to work with/without shadowed files?

Scott Garman scott.a.garman at intel.com
Tue May 24 01:01:22 UTC 2011

Hi there,

I tried searching for this question in your list archives but they do 
not seem to be accessible:


The Yocto Project is making use of shadow in its embedded build system. 
We'd like to support both shadowed and non-shadowed system 
configurations. The behavior we're looking for is for the user/group 
management utilities to modify the shadow/gshadow files if they exist, 
but continue to work if they are not found.

Is this something currently supported by this project? I'm encountering 
errors when trying to use the utilities against non-shadowed 
passwd/group files. And I see one build-time option to enable/disable 
gshadow support (--enable-shadowgrp).



Scott Garman
Embedded Linux Engineer - Yocto Project
Intel Open Source Technology Center

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