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Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Thu Feb 27 06:18:24 UTC 2014

Quoting micah (micah at riseup.net):

> > Now, we have another problem. The master branch is about packaging new
> > "upstream" 4.2. However, pristine-tar and upstream branches are still
> > imports from the Debian package and, therefore, are
> Hmm, so that is a bit of my fault then.

No, the problem was there already.

> > So, someone needs to "release" a 4.2 tarball....and the only place to
> > do this from is, if I'm correct, the master branch : in short,
> > dropping debian/ and .git/ from there, cook up a tarball, call it 4.2
> > and then import it into upstream and pristine-tar.
> >
> > Is there a cleaner way to do this?
> I wasn't aware that 'upstream' is the debian git repository. When you
> say 'someone' - do you mean someone from the debian shadow team?

Yes. shadow's upstream is Nicolas François and he maintained shadow in
the same VCS (SVN up to last summer) than the Debian package.

The problem is that last changes he made to upstream sources were
committed in the master branch. More precisely speaking, the switch to
git happened while he was working on these changes in order to
incorporate other proposed changes that were in a separate git

I was expecting a kind of upstream release during summer 2013 but that
didn't really happened and Nicolas got swamped again into real life....

> There might be another way to do it with different arguments passed to
> things, but your way seems like it would also work fine and the
> difference between figuring out another 'cleaner' way to do it, and just
> doing it this way is probably not going to result in any difference in
> the actual git history, or data... so it seems like either way would
> work.

Yes, I guess so. The history is probably not very clean anyway. 

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