[Pkg-shadow-devel] Shadow 4.2 packaging

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Fri May 9 06:17:36 UTC 2014

Quoting Bruce Dubbs (bruce.dubbs at gmail.com):
> There is a new package in the shadow repository, shadow-4.2.tar.xz, but it
> is inadequate for general use.  It does not have a generated configure
> script and the English man pages are not built.  As is, it is not usable for
> Linux From Scratch, mostly because at the stage that the package is needed,
> all the docbook and xml programs are not available.

Yes, I'm largely aware of this. Sorry for the fairly bad "release":
that's unfortunately a process I'm not really comfortable with and I
have to backup Nicolas here...

> 1.  There are a ton of warnings when running
> 'autoreconf -v -f --install'
> 2. autogen.sh automatically runs configure with --enable-maintainer-mode and
> --disable-shared which are wrong for most people.
> 3.  The NEWS file says
> 'shadow- -> shadow-4.2                          UNRELEASED'
> 4.  The English man pages are not included, although the ja, cs, hu, zh_TW,
> tr, fi, es, id, and ko are included.
> 5.  After running autoreconf and configure, the Makefile insists on going
> into the po directories and aborts if --enable-man is not specified, even it
> the man pages are not desired.
> Fix this with:
> sed -i -e '/^else/{N;N;N;d}' man/generate_translations.mak
> -----
> I suggest you make your current tarball consistent with general practice and
> do:
> tar -xf shadow-4.2.tar.xz
> cd shadow-4.2
> sed -i -e '/^else/{N;N;N;d}' man/generate_translations.mak
> autoreconf -fi
> ./configure --enable-man
> make distcheck
> Then distribute the new shadow-4.2.tar.bz2 and shadow-4.2.tar.gz files.

It's likely that I do this in a 4.2.1 release. It will also
incorporate a few patches which I kept Debian-only but indeed belong
to the general release.

I will consider, however, the possibility of a
shadow-4.2-redist.tar.xz build as, after all, what you suggest above
seems to be easy to do and kinda straightforward.

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