[Pkg-shadow-devel] How to define cmacro from configure

Necktwi Ozfguah necktwi at ferryfair.com
Sun Feb 10 15:51:50 GMT 2019


I want to define cmacro #define CASESAFE from configure. Please find the patch that I've made, attached. I have put the following in configure


+  --enable-casesafe       enables case safe usernames

+# Check whether --enable-casesafe was given.
+if test "${enable_casesafe+set}" = set; then :
+  enableval=$enable_casesafe; $as_echo "#define CASESAFE 1" >>confdefs.h

though i run configure --enable-casesafe, CASESAFE is not being defined

should i add '#define CASESAFE 1' to config.h instead of confdefs.h? If so what are the equivalent changes to configure.ac?

In general how to properly define a cmacro from configure or configure.ac?

I may submit the patch but it can always be rejected. I use it on my LFS. I am also doing appropriate changes for musl

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