[Pkg-shadow-devel] shadow package

Serge E. Hallyn serge at hallyn.com
Fri Jun 14 14:20:25 BST 2019

On Fri, Jun 14, 2019 at 09:47:05AM +0200, Benno Schulenberg wrote:
> Hello Serge,

Hi Benno,

thanks for your reply.

> > I've been looking over https://translationproject.org/html/maintainers.html
> > and don't see anything about an initial registration that I should do with
> > the shadow project before announcing a release.  So, sorry if I'm making a
> > mis-step here.  Any help in keeping translations uptodate is greatly
> > appreciated.
> Grepping for Language-Team in the existing PO files, many of them refer to a
> Debian mailing list.  So it seems to me that shadow was being translated by
> Debian people before.

Yes, it was.  I've been the maintainer for a few years now.  I wasn't aware
of any such formal arrangement.  I've just occasionally gotten some new .po
files.  Perhaps these were always in response to new debian shadow package
releases?  I don't do those so wouldn't have noticed.

I'm cc:ing pkg-shadow-devel@ in case someone there knows more about any
current arrangements.

>   Do you want to transfer the translation from there to
> the TP?  Do the Debian people know this and agree?

I'll try to find out more.  I'll be appreciative of whichever team is
willing to help :)  I'll reply here again if it's decided we should
transfer.  Thank you!

> When the shadowdomain  would become registered at the TP, it means you must
> consider the TP upstream from with regards to the PO files: you should only
> use the PO files that come from the TP and not accept PO files from translators
> directly. (See https://translationproject.org/html/maintainers.html, section 2,
> third paragraph.)
> I see that the man/ subdir contains a whole bunch of translated man pages.
> And there is also a man/po/ subdir, which seems to contain the source for
> the translated pages.  But there are several more language subdirs than
> there are PO files in man/po/.  How does this work?  Are these existing
> language subdirs a legacy, and the man/po/*.po files the new system that
> is to be used?  Do you want to register also a shadow-man domain at the TP?
> By the way, the man/po/shadow-man-pages.pot does not seem up-to-date:
> it still shows Nicolas as "shadow-utils maintainer, 2007 - now".

The .pot files are black magic to me.  I've not touched them.

> Regards,
> Benno

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