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We miss you...

Spending time with you, 
Is one of our favourite things to do.
​So until we're together in 2021, 
Here's an email full of news and fun!
Virtual Hugs,
Maldron Hotels

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Save the Bees

Bees are cool – they pollinate 1/3 of the food we eat. Honeybees are even cooler; they do the 'waggle dance'! But this isn't a dance floor move, it's how bees communicate where the best food source is.

Maldron Hotel South Mall wants to help save the bees and have installed a lovely Bee Hotel for our flying friends to visit. This initiative supports the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan; 
designed to help the bees survive and thrive.

Want to learn more about how Maldron Hotels are caring for the environment? 

( https://maldronhotelmail.com/21H5-78MPV-4IF9D3-4CNGEC-0/c.aspx )

( https://maldronhotelmail.com/21H5-78MPV-4IF9D3-4CNGED-0/c.aspx )
Get Ready for Taco Tuesday

Who doesn’t love tacos? Do you want to spice up your next meal? Try out our delicious fish taco recipe – perfect for any day of the week (we never wait until Tuesday 😊)

GET THE RECIPE HERE ( https://maldronhotelmail.com/21H5-78MPV-4IF9D3-4CNGEE-0/c.aspx )

( https://maldronhotelmail.com/21H5-78MPV-4IF9D3-4CNGEF-0/c.aspx )
Happy Mid-Term Break

This February will be spent exploring your 5km with the kiddies.

If they're still full of energy post-walk – download these Maldron Hotels activity sheets.
They’ll have lots of fun solving our woodlands, space city, and seaside puzzles!

( https://maldronhotelmail.com/21H5-78MPV-4IF9D3-4CNGEG-0/c.aspx )

Ready, Steady, Cook

At Maldron Hotels we’ve some of the best chefs around!

Three of our fabulous chefs;
Richard Luckey, Maldron Hotel Newlands Cross.Niall Mooney & Caio Nascimento, Maldron Hotel South Mall are in the final round of the All Ireland Chef of the Year 2021 competition run by Chefs of Ireland. The winner will be decided in April.

( https://maldronhotelmail.com/21H5-78MPV-4IF9D3-4CNGEH-0/c.aspx )
Home Workout Video

Swing it, shake it, move it, make it – show me how good you are! 

Get yourself up and moving with this equipment-free workout from 
Maldron Hotel Tallaght's Club Vitae!

( https://maldronhotelmail.com/21H5-78MPV-4IF9D3-4CNGEI-0/c.aspx )

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