Shibboleth2 packaging

Russ Allbery rra at
Thu May 8 22:33:49 UTC 2008

Ferenc Wagner <wferi at> writes:

> Let me add some more questions:
>  8. What name should I put into the changelog file?  Since I'm neither
>     a maintainer nor an uploader, lintian things I'm doing an NMU and
>     spits out warnings.

There are two directions we can take -- you can add yourself as an
uploader, or I can be the one who takes responsibility in the changelog
for the upload.  I think I mildly prefer the first.  It's fine to be
listed in Uploaders without being a Debian Developer; all that really
means is that you'll get the various Debian status mail for the package.

>  9. Should the library packages depend on the respective schema
>     packages?

In my testing, libsaml5 didn't need the schemas at all for the Shibboleth
SP to work, so I left it at Recommends.  If this is still the case with
2.0, I'd do the same thing.

> 10. Should I rename the Apache module?  Otherwise it collides with the
>     version 1 module, which again needs a Conflits: and thus
>     necessitates extra priority.

Hm, good question.  Is there ever any case when it would make sense for
both packages to be installed at the same time?  During an upgrade or
transition or something?

> 11. Back to opensaml: could the version 1 Shibboleth packages use the
>     opensaml2 stuff?  Then we could do without introducing the new
>     source and binary package names.

This I don't know at all.  Maybe a question for Scott Cantor?

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