Shibboleth2 packaging

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Fri May 9 15:12:22 UTC 2008

"Scott Cantor" <cantor.2 at> writes:

>> Before reading this, I modified pkgxmldir in OpenSAML's
>> schemas/ to install the schema files under
>> /usr/share/xml/opensaml2.  This way version 1 and 2 packages don't
>> have to conflict, but I'm not yet sure whether the SP2 could be
>> configured to look for the schema files there.
> Not easily and not worth the trouble. There is no reason right now to
> install both versions of opensaml at once, but FWIW, RPM doesn't care about
> that particular conflict because the conflicting files are in fact the same,
> so I have never had a problem installing them both.

OK, thanks.  I'll revert it, but have to leave now.

Russ, I'm otherwise done with xmltooling and opensaml2.  Please tell
me what else has to be done before the first upload.

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