Shibboleth2 packaging

Russ Allbery rra at
Tue May 13 17:34:54 UTC 2008

Ferenc Wagner <wferi at> writes:
> Russ Allbery <rra at> writes:

>> Will do.  xalan was just fixed, so I need to do the 1.3 stack uploads,
>> and then looking at the 2.0 stack is my next priority for Shibboleth
>> (although I may need to take some time away from Shibboleth work to do
>> a krb5 upload and some Policy and lintian work first).

> Do you think I'd better look for a sponsor on debian-mentors?  If
> somebody is willing to check a couple of things out that could help
> moving forward faster and reduce your load at the same time.  As I
> understand it, uploading this chain of dependent packages will take a
> month at least (as each has to spend 10 days in the new queue).

At the moment, it has to wait anyway, since xml-security-c 1.4 is in NEW.
That's the reason why I haven't uploaded anything yet.  As soon as that
clears NEW, we should be able to start uploading the other packages.

Certainly if someone else is willing to work on the packages, that would
be great; the more, the merrier.  But that isn't the holdup at the
moment at least.

10 days in NEW is somewhat pessimistic; it's often much faster than that.

> Can you estimate how much time we have before Lenny freezes?

I'm not sure, actually.  I keep meaning to try to track that down, and
haven't had a chance.

> As a side note, during the xmltooling initial upload a non packaging
> related change got into the debian branch (the workaround for
>  That should probably
> be moved into its own branch.  What naming scheme would you prefer?

I've been using bug/<name> for upstream bugs and feature/<name> for new
features introduced in the Debian package, and that seems to work
reasonably well.

> Similarly, do you mind if I split off an etch branch from the debian
> branch for backport work?  Would it also warrant another integration
> branch besides master?

Please go ahead.  Usually backport work is simple enough that I wouldn't
bother with a separate integration branch.

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