License issue with xmltooling packaging

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Mon May 26 18:06:10 UTC 2008

Russ Allbery <rra at> writes:

> Ferenc Wagner <wferi at> writes:
>> First of all thank you very much for the review and even more for your
>> fixes.  The packaging GPL license is simply the dh_make template, I'm
>> not attached to it at all, feel free to place my work into the public
>> domain if you prefer.  The Apache 2.0 or the BSD license is fine as
>> well.  I'd copy your copyleft from the xml-security-c package, if you
>> agree.
> Sure, this sounds great to me.
> Everything else looks ready to go.  Thank you very much for your work!
> I'll upload the package tomorrow after I see that change (or let me know
> if I should just make it).

I did my part.  Please add your name to the copyleft (or perhaps the
name of the packaging group?) as you see fit.  Then let's see how long
this will stay on NEW! :)

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