purge conflict between libapache2-mod-shib(2)

Russ Allbery rra at debian.org
Tue Nov 18 17:58:52 UTC 2008

Ferenc Wagner <wferi at niif.hu> writes:

> After upgrading libapache2-mod-shib2 to the newest version, I wanted
> to finally purge libapache2-mod-shib, but that didn't work, as its
> postrm invokes update-rc.d shibd remove, which reports an error as
> /etc/init.d/shibd is still present.
> Should we do something with this?

Hm, yes, probably.  dpkg's handling of packages with conflicting
configuration files really leaves a lot to be desired.

That code is from debhelper.  I'm not sure what the best solution is.  I
suppose we could override what debhelper is doing and put its code
directly into libapache2-mod-shib's maintainer scripts, but that's
somewhat unsatisfying.

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