Plans for Shibboleth SP 2.1 debian packages

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Wed Nov 19 16:15:59 UTC 2008

"Scott Cantor" <cantor.2 at> writes:

>> For now you can use our sid packages.  Unfortunately, the 2.1 SP
>> release happened the week after the Lenny freeze, so we couldn't push
>> that into testing, which is a pity.  On the other hand, 2.1 isn't that
>> much different from 2.0, so most users don't lose much.
> Well, that's not really true. 2.0 is unsupported. I don't support anything
> but the latest versions of the supported branches.

Okay, sure they lose your support.  Unfortunately we can't really help
that.  Either their problem is reproducible with 2.1, and then I will
go after you ;), or they'll have the option of upgrading to an "unstable"
package.  Just like they do on RedHat.

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