Plans for Shibboleth SP 2.1 debian packages

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Sat Nov 29 21:41:03 UTC 2008

* Russ Allbery <rra at> [2008-11-29 21:04]:
> We could ask the release team to remove 2.0 entirely and only ship
> 1.x, but it feels to me (and I could be wrong) that having 2.0 is
> better than having no 2.x release in lenny at all.

Thinking about this, having 2.0 in Lenny can only have one possible
effect -- that of people installing and running the 2.0 SP. If we
really don't want this (e.g. because it's not supported by upstream)
then why ship it?  If we want people to upgrade their 2.0 SPs from
backports as soon as those become available why not settle for just
the backports in the first place?
OTOH upgrading the SP is trivial with apt and even the old config file
would work just fine. But people would still need to do this, so they
might just as well install from backports right away. Hm...


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