[SCM] Debian packaging for the 2.0 Apache Shibboleth SP branch, debian, updated. upstream/2.1.dfsg1-92-gb771e54

Russ Allbery rra at debian.org
Wed Oct 15 05:24:19 UTC 2008

The following commit has been merged in the debian branch:
commit 424a2e4ecf7dbfc1058100694bec18ead1ff3cf6
Author: Russ Allbery <rra at debian.org>
Date:   Tue Oct 14 21:37:48 2008 -0700

    Also disable shib on initial install
    The Shibboleth SP 1.x packages in etch didn't disable their configuration
    properly on removal.  Work around that by disabling shib on initial
    install, just to be sure, in case we're replacing libapache2-mod-shib.

diff --git a/debian/libapache2-mod-shib2.postinst b/debian/libapache2-mod-shib2.postinst
index b217189..12594d1 100755
--- a/debian/libapache2-mod-shib2.postinst
+++ b/debian/libapache2-mod-shib2.postinst
@@ -5,6 +5,11 @@ set -e
 # Prior to 2.0.dfsg1-4, we named our Apache configuration files shib instead
 # of shib2.  We therefore need to unlink the old configuration files, and if
 # they were linked in, we should link in the new ones.
+# We also have to work around a bug in the etch Shibboleth SP 1.x packages
+# that caused them to remove the wrong module configuration and hence not
+# unlink their configuration.  If the 1.x configuration is still linked in, it
+# will break the 2.x module, so make sure it's disabled on initial install.
 if [ "$1" = "configure" ] ; then
     if dpkg --compare-versions "$2" lt-nl 2.0.dfsg1-4 ; then
         if [ -f /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/shib.load ] ; then
@@ -12,6 +17,13 @@ if [ "$1" = "configure" ] ; then
         a2dismod shib || true
+    # Most of the time, this will produce an error message.  It only does
+    # anything if we're replacing a broken libapache2-mod-shib package.
+    # Suppress the normally useless error message to not confuse people.
+    if [ -z "$2" ] ; then
+        a2dismod shib 2>/dev/null || true
+    fi

Debian packaging for the 2.0 Apache Shibboleth SP

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