Scott Cantor cantor.2 at
Fri Sep 12 17:51:41 UTC 2008

> As the catalog file is /usr/share/xml/shibboleth/catalog.xml, users
> doing so are guarranteed to have their changes obliterated on package
> upgrade.  The URL is in the catalog file, though.

Technically it's supposed to be a configuration file, but the simplest way
of dealing with that was for people to make their own copy and set the
catalog path to their version(s) as needed. If you wanted to, you could
certainly do that.

> It would be better to find out why this problem surfaced with 2.1 and
> not with 2.0, and try to enforce the old behaviour by default.  Is it
> possible that some default configuration setting was changed?

There is no explanation I can think of that could have caused a change,
other than one to the XML parser itself. The code responsible for parsing
hasn't changed since the original release. No idea, sorry.

I'm really not that surprised that it's complaining, I'm more confused that
it wasn't before. If anything, it was a bug in 2.0 that I'm not connecting
with this issue.

-- Scott

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