[SCM] Debian packaging for XML-Security-C branch, etch, updated. debian/1.4.0-3-3-g785071d

Ferenc Wagner wferi at niif.hu
Tue Sep 16 15:08:30 UTC 2008

The following commit has been merged in the etch branch:
commit 785071d16244714b8f6ecbcf652c34372da1d9c2
Author: Ferenc Wagner <wferi at niif.hu>
Date:   Tue Sep 16 16:25:14 2008 +0200

    Adjust the libxml-security-c-dev dependency accordingly

diff --git a/debian/control b/debian/control
index 6ad86b9..39cca43 100644
--- a/debian/control
+++ b/debian/control
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ Description: C++ library for XML Digital Signatures (runtime)
 Package: libxml-security-c-dev
 Section: libdevel
 Architecture: any
-Depends: libxml-security-c14 (= ${binary:Version}), libxerces-c2-dev,
+Depends: libxml-security-c14 (= ${binary:Version}), libxerces27-dev,
  libxalan110-dev, libssl-dev
 Description: C++ library for XML Digital Signatures (development)
  XML-Security-C is a library for the XML Digital Security specification.  It

Debian packaging for XML-Security-C

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