OpenSAML 1.1.2 and Xerces-C 3.x

Russ Allbery rra at
Thu Aug 6 16:03:14 UTC 2009

It occurs to me that I should have actually asked whether OpenSAML 1.1.2
and Shibboleth 1.x support Xerces-C 3.x.

If they don't, I think it's time to say goodbye to Shibboleth 1.x.  At the
request of the Xerces-C maintainer, we're rebuilding XML-Security-C and
its downstream consumers against Xerces-C 3.x so that 2.x can be retired,
and having XML-Security-C built against one version of Xerces-C and
OpenSAML against another would be a recipe for disaster if it's even
possible.  Maintaining two versions of XML-Security-C in the archive just
to support the old version of Shibboleth seems pointless.

If OpenSAML 1.1.2 does support Xerces-C 3.x, I might keep it around a bit
longer.  I was going to keep Shibboleth 1.x until Stanford upgraded, since
we seem to be doing a good approximation of the trailing edge right now,
but since that's supposed to happen by this fall, that's probably
irrelevant for the next Debian release.  I think regardless we don't want
Shibboleth 1.x in squeeze, so there probably isn't a drawback to removing
it now; I'm just being conservative.

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