Plans for Shibboleth SP 2.1 debian packages

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Mon Jan 19 15:47:17 UTC 2009

Patrik Schnellmann <schnellmann at> writes:

> We have installed the etch-backports Shib packages and they work
> pretty well for us.

Glad to hear.

> Now that lenny is about to be released as the next stable Debian
> version, when could we estimate to get backports for lenny? What
> about an amd64 version?

When Lenny is released, will open, and SP 2.1 will be
uploaded to unstable.  As soon as it migrates to the new testing, we
will backport it as well.

Of course you can build your own binaries from the master branch of
the Git repositories whenever you wish.

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