SP 2.0: Metadata with EncryptionMethod elements fails to load

Scott Cantor cantor.2 at osu.edu
Tue Jan 20 19:53:35 UTC 2009

Russ Allbery wrote on 2009-01-20:
> Okay, thanks.  I'm adding a versioned dependency on the 2.1 SP schemas to
> the SP library package.  I'm assuming from what you said above that making
> sure the 2.1 OpenSAML library has the 2.1 schemas isn't required.

No, but I think I would probably do that just to be safe.

> Are there versioning constraints for the XMLTooling-C schemas?

Same answer. I never intended or expected to support the schemas in a
separate package, so I'm not going to notice if that doesn't work.

> Does a 2.1
> SP require at least the 1.1 schemas, for example, or the 1.1 library
> require the 1.1 schemas?

Same answer. I think you should either not separate them (my preference) or
make sure they always match.

-- Scott

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