All Shibboleth 2.1 packages uploaded

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Mar 2 22:48:43 UTC 2009

All the Shibboleth 2.1 packages are now in unstable.  I'm going to watch
the builds and be sure that they build on all platforms, and then will
request migration help from the release team so that they all go into
testing together.  Then we can upload the new package set to

Incidentally, for when Shibboleth 2.2 comes out, Debian is moving towards
using +dfsg instead of .dfsg in version numbers for repackaged upstream
source.  The reason is that 2.1.dfsg sorts after 2.1.1, but 2.1+dfsg sorts
before 2.1.1.  This may never be an issue for the Shibboleth packages, but
it's best to converge on a standard anyway.  When 2.2 comes out, we just
have to remember to switch version conventions then.

The only other thing on my want list for the packaging right now is to
switch to running shibd as a non-root user.  Patches welcome there.  In
naming the user, I would lean towards using Debian-shib or Debian-shibd to
keep it out of the namespace that the end-user might use.  Good naming for
such users is still an open question in Debian as a whole, unfortunately.

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