Security fix diffs for 2.x

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Thu Nov 26 15:57:46 UTC 2009

"Scott Cantor" <cantor.2 at> writes:

> Ferenc Wagner wrote on 2009-11-25:
>>> They'd be in different C++ namespaces, or could be static members of
>>> different classes, or both.
>> To my great surprise they actually work together, though currently
>> neither is the case (with yesterday's patches).  Behold:
> I'd still strongly suggest namespacing them, there's no cost to doing that.

Right, I did so.  I also hid the export from libsaml2.  Unfortunately
the same can't be done easily with libshibsp, because the Apache module
itself uses the new functions from there.  Looks like Russ isn't around,
so I'll send the patch shortly to the security team to find out their
preference.  I'll Cc the list, you can check out the latest patches

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