Bug#549936: Bug#548126: pu: package opensaml2/2.0-2+lenny1

Scott Cantor cantor.2 at osu.edu
Wed Oct 7 19:15:29 UTC 2009

Florian Weimer wrote on 2009-10-07:
>> Scott and Russ, under which conditions did you see the specific opensaml
>> code to be inlined on shibboleth-sp2?
> Does shibboleth-sp2 create invoke a constructor of that class?  Do the
> compiled binaries contain any reference to the vtable?

There are numerous instances of the constructor in the SP library/code.

It's possible that a SSO-only test case of the SP wouldn't illustrate the
bug by not hitting the c'tor from outside libsaml, but ancillary features
would (e.g. artifact resolution, attribute queries, some advanced features).

If it's not a process problem to get it rebuilt as part of this fix, I'd
just do it.

-- Scott

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