What is the procedure for importing upstreams for the sp?

Russ Allbery rra at debian.org
Fri Dec 17 02:56:39 UTC 2010

Sam Hartman <hartmans at debian.org> writes:

> So, the SP has a couple of files (the ws-trust schema according to
> debian/copyright) removed.  Do we handle imports by hand or is there
> some script to do a new upstream import?

debian/rules get-orig-source after updating the changelog entry to reflect
the new upstream version to generate the new tarball, and then run
git-import-orig on that tarball.

The Debian packaging isn't based off of and doesn't merge with upstream's
revision control system.  When upstream isn't using Git, this is awkward
enough that it hasn't feel like it would be worth the trouble.

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