[SCM] Debian packaging for the 2.0 Apache Shibboleth SP annotated tag, debian/2.3.1+dfsg-3, created. debian/2.3.1+dfsg-3

Ferenc Wagner wferi at niif.hu
Wed Nov 24 20:58:27 UTC 2010

The annotated tag, debian/2.3.1+dfsg-3 has been created
        at  9db1ae0302a06f08752a1b90d282d1697468319e (tag)
   tagging  9c2bdf4a69367b46c4697899a17814e7bc87fb94 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/2.3.1+dfsg
 tagged by  Russ Allbery
        on  Wed Nov 24 12:57:35 2010 -0800

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Debian release 2.3.1+dfsg-3

Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2010 22:17:57 +0100
Source: shibboleth-sp2
Binary: libapache2-mod-shib2 libshibsp4 libshibsp-dev libshibsp-doc shibboleth-sp2-schemas
Architecture: source i386 all
Version: 2.3.1+dfsg-3
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian Shib Team <pkg-shibboleth-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Ferenc Wagner <wferi at niif.hu>
 libapache2-mod-shib2 - Federated web single sign-on system (Apache module)
 libshibsp-dev - Federated web single sign-on system (development)
 libshibsp-doc - Federated web single sign-on system (API docs)
 libshibsp4 - Federated web single sign-on system (runtime)
 shibboleth-sp2-schemas - Federated web single sign-on system (schemas)
Closes: 602328
 shibboleth-sp2 (2.3.1+dfsg-3) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Ferenc Wagner ]
   * Restart Apache from the postinst script if the shib2 module is enabled
     to avoid communication errors with the upgraded shibd.  (Closes: #602328)
   [ Faidon Liambotis ]
   * Add myself to Uploaders.
 4144cd0e441126d3758a03ececd5edb619148447 1984 shibboleth-sp2_2.3.1+dfsg-3.dsc
 90f5815e4ca45ad66426d5e2c255e21f1a77d1be 18648 shibboleth-sp2_2.3.1+dfsg-3.diff.gz
 03a2801fa9a9fbe42804d9c24848ea5231dd8cad 227716 libapache2-mod-shib2_2.3.1+dfsg-3_i386.deb
 a29ff9bbf674c2ff09bff96c7e8c08bafd989442 958472 libshibsp4_2.3.1+dfsg-3_i386.deb
 309510c820b5e0c2fdfe02180e25048a486c49fd 43560 libshibsp-dev_2.3.1+dfsg-3_i386.deb
 540abdc13348a6d1c9efd06860b7f1fcdb1b35f4 310758 libshibsp-doc_2.3.1+dfsg-3_all.deb
 86b7da47497a653378ae17b75f68fca6ac9d2a22 18776 shibboleth-sp2-schemas_2.3.1+dfsg-3_all.deb
 85dfa716e0af9a7ed3c562c5060c5a61bb26278cff82e2aea5e5104610b93e5c 1984 shibboleth-sp2_2.3.1+dfsg-3.dsc
 3089ef9c91c326b2bf500613cad5424f28f7ab881a3cbfe6648a75e0d71633fd 18648 shibboleth-sp2_2.3.1+dfsg-3.diff.gz
 2cc3782fcb3cda74e3ec6940b0d599c05846ef84a73cab97247e28bb82d6909f 227716 libapache2-mod-shib2_2.3.1+dfsg-3_i386.deb
 6704e65385429082792c78fae41b585c425d70a86c71263e09a0d2e7d71f47f8 958472 libshibsp4_2.3.1+dfsg-3_i386.deb
 654b3f016b0b10b07969ee958ccbbed7bffd6e01f20b84560313886de40d1823 43560 libshibsp-dev_2.3.1+dfsg-3_i386.deb
 44d602688cbfc170988aa9072589c891758b0e137aafdb14c7986bb7e8d16cb0 310758 libshibsp-doc_2.3.1+dfsg-3_all.deb
 fc9c56c1b506695d4f05850bdf4e6b62d3d7988c7693624a7868304a14c6dd53 18776 shibboleth-sp2-schemas_2.3.1+dfsg-3_all.deb
 aa7b2417cb34685f0220d781f1b5b4ad 1984 web extra shibboleth-sp2_2.3.1+dfsg-3.dsc
 8f02bb281b13915e196a1b2748be3700 18648 web extra shibboleth-sp2_2.3.1+dfsg-3.diff.gz
 51926c48960ce2e55fe31d288c138a74 227716 httpd extra libapache2-mod-shib2_2.3.1+dfsg-3_i386.deb
 6fb23736b75de4a4e6ac5bfca6d87cab 958472 libs extra libshibsp4_2.3.1+dfsg-3_i386.deb
 4a94b501a3a8b0d648bbac59fb18c42b 43560 libdevel extra libshibsp-dev_2.3.1+dfsg-3_i386.deb
 a49259ac6f053d18a6b403e12c4b378b 310758 doc extra libshibsp-doc_2.3.1+dfsg-3_all.deb
 0200bd113e0a35c1867f6436b9158518 18776 text extra shibboleth-sp2-schemas_2.3.1+dfsg-3_all.deb
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Faidon Liambotis (2):
      Run make install with NOKEYGEN=1
      Add myself to Uploaders.

Ferenc Wagner (51):
      Imported Debian patch 2.0-1
      Add email address of Chad La Joie, the upstream author
      Close ITP in the changelog
      doc-base integration
      Remove superfluous copyright texts
      Forgot to create the Apache2 module directory
      Create a directory for the manual page, too
      Depend on the XMLTooling and OpenSAML schemas
      Install webpage elements and some documentation
      The Apache module chokes on the ShibSchemaDir directive, remove it
      Change priority to extra because we conflict with libapache2-mod-shib
      The shib.conf file contained defaults only, thus removing it
      Quickly fix some typos
      Build-depend on libxerces-c2-dev, add Homepage, Vcs-Git and Vcs-Browser fields
      Revert to upstream config.guess and config.sub
      Don't use Source-Version
      Improve package descriptions (hopefully)
      Use standards-version 3.8.0
      Add a dependency on doxygen to generate API docs
      Change the doc-base section to Programming/C++
      Overhaul debian/rules
      (Build-)depend on OpenSAML2 and XMLTooling
      Follow repackaging with the Debian version number
      Correct file name of the repackaged source
      Build-depend on the XMLTooling and OpenSAML schema files
      Remove dependency on the removed WS-Trust.xsd
      dh_link was unneded
      Force building the Apache 2.2 module
      We don't ship static libraries
      Add development package dependencies
      Include upstream documentation from the build tree
      Revert "We don't ship static libraries"
      Shorten the too long short package descriptions
      Avoid brace expansion in debian/rules, dash does not like it.
      Remove the space slippend into the version string.
      Revert "Remove dependency on the removed WS-Trust.xsd"
      Remove the minor version number from README.Debian
      Follow the libshibsp1->2 package rename in the dh_makeshlibs invocation
      Note my changes in debian/changelog
      Comment out the reference to the removed WS-Trust.xsd from the catalog file
      Add directory /var/log/shibboleth to the libapache2-mod-shib2 package
      Thanks to Peter Schober for pointing out that /var/log/shibboleth is missing from the package
      Correct logcheck file name
      Document how to reenable WS-Trust.xsd
      Rename debian/shib.load to debian/shib2.load
      Don't recommend replacing all shibd options, that kills the PID file
      Run shibd as non-root
      Fix comment typos in init script
      Restart Apache from the module postinst
      Test with -f to ignore a possibly dangling symlink
      Coalesce unreleased versions

Russ Allbery (107):
      Rewrite debian/copyright to use the new format
      Add a get-orig-source target
      Merge branch 'upstream' into debian
      Update version number and remove boilerplate
      Update build-depends and re-run libtool at build time
      Also remove all Makefile.in files in debian/rules clean
      Update long and short package descriptions
      Break apart and rename library packages
      Really add unixodbc-dev to the Build-Depends
      Add a trailing slash to the homepage
      libshibsp1 should be in section libs
      Minor debian/rules cleanup
      Install upstream docs only in some packages
      Copy config.* files before running autotools
      Remove WS-Trust.xsd from the upstream makefile
      Add mangling to the watch file to remove .dfsg1
      Install the API docs into the correct directory
      Only run dh_makeshlibs for libshibsp1
      Move the Shibboleth SP schemas into a separate package
      Add man pages for mdquery and resolvertest
      Add the --fqdn flag to hostname for generating keys
      Move keygen.sh into /usr/sbin and clean up /etc/shibboleth
      Send the native log to syslog
      Unregister the shib module on package removal
      Add a README.Debian file with basic instructions
      Install the shib-keygen man page in the right directory
      Include TestShib testing instructions
      Update date of first upload
      Include the text and reference for Expat and Apache-2.0
      Fix variable sizes in the ODBC code
      Add initial logcheck rules for libapache2-mod-shib2
      Run dh_installlogcheck to install logcheck rules
      Ignore another syslog message from the Apache module
      Fix watch file for new upstream tarball naming
      Finalize changes for 2.0.dfsg1-3
      Change get-orig-source to pull version 2.1
      Fix the tarball name used by get-orig-source
      Add initial changes for 2.1.dfsg1-1
      Merge branch 'upstream' into debian
      Bump build-dependencies on libsaml2-dev and libxmtooling-dev
      Disable the shib module name on upgrade
      Add a NEWS file for the configuration file name change
      Add changelog entry for additional init script fixes
      Fix a syntax error in the shibd man page
      Disable the new module name
      Also disable shib on initial install
      Finalize changes for 2.0.dfsg1-4
      Tighten the shibboleth-sp2-schemas dependency
      Tighten the dependencies on the OpenSAML and XMLTooling schemas
      Remove duplicate Section field for libapache2-mod-shib2
      Finalize changes for 2.1.dfsg1-1
      Add changelog entry for 2.1.dfsg1-2
      Update TestShib testing instructions
      Prepare for 2.2.1 packaging
      Merge branch 'upstream' into debian
      Add changelog for upstream 2.2.1 release
      Update copyright dates for 2.2.1 release and packaging
      Update the shibd man page for new upstream options
      Tighten dependencies for the 2.2 release
      Build against Xerces-C 3.0
      Rename library package for upstream SONAME bump
      Update standards version to 3.8.3
      Also require xml-security-c 1.5 or later for build
      Don't include /var/run/shibboleth in the package and clean up on remove
      /var/run/shibboleth is no more, so stop installing it
      Remove the new upstream doc installation
      Generate shlibs for the correct binary package
      Add debhelper token to libapache2-mod-shib2 postrm
      Remove the SuSE init script installed by upstream
      Properly install and document the metagen script
      metagen.sh should be a bash script
      Use the upstream version as the man page version
      Fix syntax error in shib-metagen man page
      Finalize changes for 2.2.1+dfsg-1
      Change the libapache2-mod-shib2 section to httpd
      Add a NEWS.Debian entry for shibboleth2.xml updates
      Initial changelog for 2.3
      Fix watch file for the new version mangling
      Merge branch 'upstream' into debian
      Update README.Debian for new require session syntax
      Add additional upstream changes for 2.3
      Tighten build and package dependencies
      Bump urgency for security fix
      Rename library package for upstream SONAME bump
      Fix another location of the library package name
      Revert local modification of shibsp/paths.h
      Revert to upstream configs/Makefile.in
      Document removal of unnecessary patches to generated files
      Improve documentation of DAEMON_OPTS in /etc/default/shibd
      Additional documentation and formatting for DAEMON_USER support
      Add a NEWS.Debian entry for the shibd run-time user change
      Make NEWS.Debian urgency match debian/changelog urgency
      Finalize changes for 2.3+dfsg-1
      Fix logic mistake in shibd as non-root user probe
      Fix documentation in /etc/default/shibd
      Update date for the 2.3+dfsg-1 release
      Initial changelog entry for 2.3.1+dfsg-1
      Merge commit 'upstream/2.3.1+dfsg' into debian
      Add upstream changes for 2.3.1
      Add changelog entry for the shibd PID bug fix
      Add ${misc:Depends} and ${shlibs:Depends} to dependencies
      Finalize changes for 2.3.1+dfsg-1
      Modify shib-keygen to create the certificate key group-readable
      Update standards version to 3.8.4
      Force source format 1.0 for now since it makes backporting easier
      Update debhelper compatibility level to V7
      Finalize changes for 2.3.1+dfsg-2


Debian packaging for the 2.0 Apache Shibboleth SP

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