Bug#658408: libapache2-mod-shib2: FTBFS with libmemcached-dev-1.0.3-1

Russ Allbery rra at debian.org
Fri Feb 3 01:30:34 UTC 2012

Michael Fladischer <FladischerMichael at fladi.at> writes:

> Building the package with libmemcached-dev-1.0.3-1 FTBFS:

> memcache-store.cpp: In member function 'bool xmltooling::MemcacheBase::deleteMemcache(const char*, time_t, bool)':
> memcache-store.cpp:311:96: error: 'struct memcached_st' has no member named 'cached_errno'

The current version in the archive is from the 0.40 series, and I see that
you're taking over maintenance with 1.0.3.  I assume this is an API change
in the library in the upstream 1.0 release?

The code in Shibboleth is all along these lines:

  } else if (rv == MEMCACHED_ERRNO) {
    // System error
    string error = string("Memcache::deleteMemcache() SYSTEM ERROR: ") + string(strerror(memc->cached_errno));
    throw IOException(error);
  } else {
    string error = string("Memcache::deleteMemcache() Problems: ") + memcached_strerror(memc, rv);
    throw IOException(error);

What is now the correct way of handling MEMCACHED_ERRNO returns if one
wants to include the strerror() results of errno?

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