Bug#658408: libapache2-mod-shib2: FTBFS with libmemcached-dev-1.0.3-1

Russ Allbery rra at debian.org
Fri Feb 3 18:59:21 UTC 2012

Michael Fladischer <michael at fladi.at> writes:

> According to [0] it should be:

> if (rv == MEMCACHED_ERRNO) {
>     // System error
>     string error = string("Memcache::deleteMemcache() SYSTEM ERROR: ") + string(memcached_last_error_message(memc));
>     log.error(error);
>     throw IOException(error);
> }

Does that include the results of strerror()?  The impression that I got
from the docs is that memcached_strerror() didn't, and I was assuming this
would be the same thing.

If memcached_strerror() includes the results of strerror() in the case of
MEMCACHED_ERRNO, it would probably be easiest to just use it.

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