FastCGI Shibboleth Packages

Russ Allbery rra at
Thu Sep 13 18:20:12 UTC 2012

Andy Bennett <andyjpb at> writes:

> Thanks for a great set of shib packages!

> I've got my proof-of-concept installed using the Apache module. I'm
> using this to verify that we've got all the Federation config correct.
> However, I'm hoping to use the FastCGI scripts against a different
> webserver for my actual application.

> I notice that the FastCGI scripts from the source don't seem to end up
> in any of the binary packages. Is there a particular reason for this or
> is it just there has been a lack of demand for them?

Just lack of demand meaning that I've never looked at what would be
involved in packaging them or how to structure such a package.

> How difficult would it be to produce a binary package for them similar
> to the Apache module package?

Alas, I have no idea, having never looked at it.  It might be fairly easy,
but I don't know.

> Can you help me with this?

Personally, unfortunately, no, not at the moment, as I'm deluged in other
work.  :/ The next time I'll have an opportunity to work on the Shibboleth
packages will probably be for the Apache 2.4 migration, which will be new
revisions of all of the packages but will probably be staged in
experimental (at least if I get to it before Debian release freeze is
over).  My guess is that I won't have a chance to start on that before

> Would you accept such a package into one of the main repositories? I'm
> currently using the versions in squeeze-backports.

Sure, absolutely, but at this point it's too late for such a package to
make it into wheezy.  So there might be a long lag before such a package
is available in a stable release of Debian.  I do plan on backporting new
versions of Shibboleth to wheezy-backports, but I don't know on time frame
since that backport is going to be complicated due to the substantial
changes involved in the Apache 2.4 migration.

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