[RFC] shibboleth-sp2 updated package for wheezy-bpo

Luca Bruno lucab at debian.org
Mon Nov 24 12:39:44 UTC 2014

Hi bpo crew :)
I've recently hit a bug in backported shibboleth-sp2 (#758600) which makes
package postinst fail in some situations (making it unusable in my case).
The issue has been introduced while backporting it.

Original backporter/maintainer is no more working on this package, and I'm not
getting any reaction from the packaging team. 

As such, I think I'll just go ahead and update the bpo package. I'm not
touching anything else except for the bug-fix, as I'm not too familiar with
the package.

This is however my first upload to bpo, so I'd really like somebody to have at least
a look at it. Missing any (negative) feedback, I'll just upload it later

I just followed the "Contribute" page instructions, so it should be mostly fine.
Debdiff attached, source at 

Cheers, Luca

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