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 tagged by  Scott Cantor
        on  Wed Jun 20 01:17:51 2007 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tag for alpha1 release

Brent Putman (8):
      Add some things into the svn:ignore property specific to the Unix build environment.
      Multi-line svn commit, see body.
      Add autoconf test for timegm to set HAVE_TIMEGM appropriately.  This resolves build errors for util/DateTime.cpp on Mac OS X.
      Simplify autoconf timegm function check.
      Multi-line svn commit, see body.
      Fix for Bugzilla bug id 565 'doxygen required by make even if disabled or not found'
      Fix missing automake template variable.
      Add autoconf function check for strcasecmp for macro referenced in TemplateEngine.cpp.

Chad La Joie (1):
      Import structure

Scott Cantor (337):
      Initial check-in
      Low level helpers
      Some root interfaces and configuration machinery
      Schemas and catalog
      Initial parser APIs
      Unix makefiles
      Unix makefiles
      Unix makefile fixes
      Replace reference to std::exception
      Missing const specifiers
      Handle subfolder includes
      Add toString method.
      Initial DOM handling interfaces.
      Add marshalling exceptions.
      Add cleanup templates.
      Add static mgmt of interfaces.
      Add warning pragma blocks.
      Early marshalling code.
      Declare factory maps, map cleanup.
      Abstract unmarshaller minus signatures.
      Tightened up consts.
      Add factory methods and default builder
      Add ignore properties.
      Add equality operation.
      Manage document while setting DOM.
      No longer needed.
      Lookup should be by XMLObject.
      Initial marshalling support.
      Default support for arbitrary DOM objects.
      Use internal parser pool for catalog load.
      DOM fixup changes
      Initial unit test plus fixes
      Bug fixes and API changes from second unit test.
      Manage disposal of new objects when exceptions are thrown.
      Fixed inheritance hierarchy, namespace handling
      Marshalling tests.
      Add unit tests to Unix build
      Added typename to template
      Unix build fixes
      Began to implement collection handling.
      Template fixes for gcc
      Base classes for open content models.
      Fixes associated with wildcard test classes.
      Unix fixes
      Namespace handling fixes
      Renamed classes
      Validator interface.
      First cut at signing support.
      Conditional xmlsec support
      Fixes for disabling xmlsec
      Merged marshalling/unmarshalling methods into core interface.
      Shortcuts for unmarshalling in builder interface, adjusted tests
      Block unmarshall when a DOM or parent exists.
      Handle variant element names, merge in wildcard class, add test cases.
      Add per-object validation.
      Add parametrized messaging and serialization to exceptions.
      Revised builder API
      Removed unneeded method.
      Moved DOM methods up the tree, add copy c'tors, KeyInfo sample
      Set xsi:type during object construction.
      Missing includedir
      Extra line seps.
      Constructor warning.
      Unix porting fixes
      Added some validation code.
      Evolving macros, reduce casting in accessors, add const collection access.
      Linux fixes
      More sample objects and macros.
      Moved signature classes into own namespace.
      Wrap rest of KeyInfo, add support for exposing object pairs.
      Refactored simple content and child-handling into mixin classes.
      Guard signature exception.
      Build errors with xmlsec off
      Misc fixes from addtl KeyInfo tests.
      Adding some machinery.
      doxygen autotools integration
      Removed unused configure checks.
      Clean up defines, and add dlfunc check.
      Remove pthread macros.
      Added singleton methods on typed builders.
      Add in plugin manager template.
      Missing dist files.
      Add sparc platform check to checkinstall
      Prelims for symbol hiding, doesn't work yet
      Generalize exception macro.
      Integrate parser pools into library.
      Tighten up validator namespace checking, rework registration.
      Macro adjustments, date/time class, typed XML attributes.
      Made AnyElementImpl public to allow inheritance for anyType specializations.
      Header fixes.
      Oops, headers were already hidden.
      Rename static builder methods.
      Init order warning fixed.
      Missing doxygen comment.
      ID attribute processing bug.
      Add default c'tor for use as base class.
      Handle prefix-less xsi:type values.
      Custom KeyInfo support in signature creation.
      Integrated credential resolver API with signing context.
      Wasn't initializing member in copy c'tor.
      Add inequality operator.
      Refactored Signature signing/validation, various Validator bugs fixed.
      Stop auto-cloning ContentReferences.
      Hook releaseDOM properly, correct KeyInfo handling inside Signature impl.
      Added key-based Signature validator.
      Removed deleted header
      Implemented EncryptionMethod schema snippet.
      Additional macros.
      Wrapped encryption schema, also block unknown attributes and handle schemaLocation.
      Output schemaLocation when set on the root of a fragment.
      Semi-tested Encryption wrapper code.
      Fixed wildcard element processing.
      New KeyResolver/Validator/Encrypter/Decrypter classes.
      Exception hierarchy altered, add EncryptedKey resolution.
      Add recipient to key encryption parameters.
      Fix for setAttribute method.
      Modify locking interfaces for use by metadata code.
      Threading support.
      Unix thread support
      Added ValidatorSuite around groups of static validators.
      Reworked int/bool attribute handling.
      Stop exporting template.
      Added DocumentJanitor to avoid some catch(...) handlers.
      Remove catch(...) handler occurrences.
      Rename shared lock wrapper, allow pre-existing locks.
      Added epoch caching for DateTime attributes.
      Disable deprecation warnings.
      Turn off excl c14n when encrypting data.
      Parameter to plugin should be a const reference.
      Removed ValidatingXMLObject interface and implementations.
      Fixed erase method.
      Delete incorrect use of typename on template parameter use.
      gcc requires exceptions header
      Add OpenSSL to build
      Credential resolver plugin
      Replace custom code with CredentialResolver.
      Change type indicator to a string reference.
      Remove some tracing, fix string compares.
      Extend KeyResolver to include certificate resolution, add inline resolver.
      Check for NULL in Decryptor destructor
      Expose key resolver caching.
      Stop blowing away native signature from setters, need xmlsec fix to complete.
      Base TrustEngine APIs and explicit key engine impl.
      Allow sig validator to use a specific key.
      X509CRL wrappers (gap in XML-Sec at the moment)
      Fixed init order
      Extended KeyResolver to handle CRLs.
      Made OpenSSL CRL wrapper public.
      Address certificate object lifetime with wrapper class.
      Convenience methods to resolve embedded KeyInfo.
      Allow for fixed resolvers.
      Check for null key info.
      Revise boolean attribute methods to handle defaults.
      Migrate to xmlsec 1.3 release, shrink a few headers.
      SOAP 1.1 classes
      Added built-in ID attribute support to base classes.
      Handle IDness during (un)marshalling, move more work to base class.
      Support for a catalog path.
      Added a simple storage abstraction, and an in-memory sample.
      Implement context storage handles.
      Simplify storage context mgmt.
      Add context to log messages.
      Simplify access to records and prevent reads of expired data.
      Added const modifiers.
      Prevent create/update from seeing expired records.
      Merge schema validators into one suite.
      Switch to multimap, no idea wtf I was thinking.
      Moved ReplayCache into xmltooling
      Moved ReplayCache into xmltooling
      Added detach() method to strip off a root parent element, fixed bug in namespace pinning.
      Multi-line svn commit, see body.
      gcc const fix, converted linefeeds
      Template replacement engine ported from Shib, added conditional nesting.
      Removed unnecessary class from string literals.
      Fix pragma nesting.
      Macros to omit get methods for children declared by base classes.
      Removed covariant clone() implementation to fix ambiguity.
      RSA-SHA padding constants.
      Removed RSA-SHA padding constants, found them in latest xmlsec.
      Raw signature operations and trust engine support.
      Fix for bug 586.
      Fix for bug 587
      Clear StorageService plugins.
      Function to serialize to stream.
      Unified trust engines w/ KeyInfoSource interface, first cut at SOAP transport layer.
      Add libcurl and covariant return checks.
      Add covariant return check
      Removed accidental header
      Moved new SOAP decls into real header
      Add code for non-covariant build.
      Basic SOAP client, reworked transport streams.
      Add call to ValidatorSuite.
      Stream operators (Unicode string operator is an experiment)
      Add validate flag to SOAP ctor
      Add security indicator to transport, set by SSL callback, maintain across CURL reuse.
      Fix for bug 589
      Add SOAP fault override.
      Removed extraneous SAML reference.
      Missing const on Faultcode.
      Brute-force XML ID lookup.
      Support RetrievalMethod local references.
      Refined ElementProxy/ElementExtensible interfaces to match Java.
      Renamed library.
      Switch from X.509 comp to key comp for cert eval.
      Rename exception macros to avoid conflicts, correct some of the decls.
      Virtualize template parameters.
      Virtualize template parameters.
      Suppress warnings.
      Inherit exceptions from std::exception.
      Fix exception throw signatures
      Pass KeyResolver into PKIX layer.
      Allow certs to be transferred out of wrapper.
      Support OpenSSL engines, check nested engine type during calls.
      Conflicting header guard.
      Improve parser entity handling, clean up logging categories.
      Base class for reloadable local and remote configurations.
      Fix defaulting of reload flag.
      Change class access, better logging, trap reload errors.
      Missing Xerces headers.
      Relax content type check.
      Add DOM3 isId check.
      Fix stream operators.
      Add version tracking to storage service API.
      Align tests to new API.
      Only delete storage service when we built it.
      Add chunked transport encoding per libcurl requirements.
      Fixed some doxygen warnings.
      Fix leak, bug 624
      Replace call to DOM1 method.
      Update copyright.
      Eliminate map of expiration times, add option to update entire contexts.
      Needed addtl cleanup template.
      Add curl and OpenSSL locking to init/term.
      Shorten "built-in" plugin types.
      Don't need schemas in DIST target
      Clarify error message.
      Load known entities using predefined path instead of implicitly.
      Lower log level.
      Don't call virtual method from d'tor.
      Forgot to check for null callback.
      Missed a covariant.
      No ASCII version of endsWith.
      Switch to reference for SOAP request envelope.
      Reduce logging verbosity, log server cert issues more clearly.
      Test transport for confidentiality.
      Corrected key extraction and comparison.
      Fix connection pool size.
      Correct constness of transport API, handle both chunked and buffered encoding.
      Add logging.
      Fix catalog usage to match "real life".
      Moved key/cred resolution classes out of xmlsig namespace.
      Moved key/cred resolution classes out of xmlsig namespace.
      Moved URLEncoder down to tooling lib, added exception->querystring method.
      Change exception parameterization to match Shib usage.
      Add option to use redirection for handler errors, capture relay state when propagating exceptions.
      Return expiration on versioned read.
      Revised decryption APIs to clarify CredentialResolver/KeyResolver difference.
      Add schema errata.
      Major revamp of credential and trust handling code, PKIX engine still needs work.
      Revert to loop for decrypting keys for now, will revisit later.
      Remove KeyInfo plugin from PKIX API.
      Algorithm and key size criteria, incoming signature algorithm extraction.
      Add credential context APIs, refactor criteria matching, auto-extract criteria from KeyInfos.
      Inject logging category into base class.
      Key comparison too strict, cred may not contain actual key.
      Stop defaulting in xercesc namespace.
      Remove hardcoded Perl path.
      Multi-line svn commit, see body.
      Extend encryption algorithm automation.
      Multi-line svn commit, see body.
      Multi-line svn commit, see body.
      Move credential/criteria matching to criteria classes.
      Add some missing comments.
      More comments, header fixes.
      Add some missing comments.
      Porting fixes
      Fully qualify the header filenames for doxygen.
      Add licenses.
      Add licenses.
      Conditional install of API docs
      ASCII constructors for QNames.
      Enhance plugin manager template with alternate type keys.
      Template syntax fixes
      Remove string-specific checks.
      Need to pass NULL into namespace lookup function for default namespace.
      HTTP creds need to be held by transport object.
      Add internal copy of the Xerces net accessor for libcurl, to get SSL support.
      Multi-line svn commit, see body.
      Initialize timestamp based on initial load.
      Isolate nested failures.
      Missing signal header, tighten up template for map cleanup.
      Sun requires multimap value types to have constant keys.
      Try to patch around Sun compiler bug.
      Add host check to get Sun hack working
      Sun apparently striving for Ada-style type safety...
      Sun requires map value types to have constant keys.
      Fix for STLs where iterator is a type but not a class.
      Fix -> convenience operator for non-class iterators.
      Fix method signature mismatch, redeclare pure methods on pure subclasses.
      Proper fix for method scoping.
      Update thread config macro, add openssl headers to libsaml build.
      Add back missing thread function check.
      Missing const spec.
      Do doc install since dist will include them.
      Add doc to Makefile set.
      Reduce special handling of doc/schemas for install/dist targets
      Changes to split library into a lite and full version.
      Fix some syntax errors
      Apply flags to full build, added missing quote.
      Misspelled lib name.
      For now, apply xmlsec flags to both builds.
      Cleaned up source for dual build
      Move curl dependent code to full build only.
      Chopped CPPFLAGS by accident.
      Add lite version to Windows project.
      Moved in request/response interfaces from opensaml.
      Add missing file to dist.
      Add user-supplied key names to filesystem resolver.
      Add chaining resolver.
      Move ReplayCache and StorageService APIs to full build only.
      Add method to decrypt to stream.
      Toggle off Xalan in a config macro to avoid dependency on xmlsec header correctness.
      Remove stray perl paths.
      Handle empty Key elements.
      Add SOAP fault codes.
      missing schema
      Prevent attach execution with empty key filename.
      Adding ignores.
      Multi-line svn commit, see body.
      Dependency packaging files.
      Refactor signature engines.
      Add some missing files, try to make docs work.
      Fix up doc handling in spec file
      Exclude tests from package.
      Add openssl dependency.


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