[xmltooling] annotated tag 1.2.0 created (now 5ef5a3c)

Ferenc Wágner wferi-guest at moszumanska.debian.org
Thu Dec 10 22:09:51 UTC 2015

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wferi-guest pushed a change to annotated tag 1.2.0
in repository xmltooling.

        at  5ef5a3c   (tag)
   tagging  2fade7a909ffab2fbeb3433dd1f8971446e3bcf4 (commit)
  replaces  1.1.0
 tagged by  Scott Cantor
        on  Thu Jun 18 13:35:05 2009 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging 1.2 release.

Jim Fox (1):
      Adding for loop capability

Scott Cantor (76):
      Forgot to update Windows version of config.h
      Plug a few memory leaks.
      Bump version to 1.2.
      Bump version to 1.2.
      Multi-line svn commit, see body.
      Handle multiple CRLs via PEM read loop.
      Multi-line svn commit, see body.
      Propagate out exceptions when loading extensions.
      Remove "hardwired" declaration of encodingStyle attribute.
      Move credential locking to per-use to allow for reloadable credentials.
      Avoid passing pointer into log configurator.
      Multi-line svn commit, see body.
      Multi-line svn commit, see body.
      Add URL tests.
      Remove duplicate key compare logic.
      Add missing header for gcc 4.4
      Add unit tests for DateTime class.
      Missed a getEpoch() call.
      Add DOM3 tests for Xerces 3 support.
      Bump lib version.
      Xerces 3 revisions.
      Xerces 3 revisions.
      Fix autoheader warnings.
      Disable default resolution in legacy branch.
      Remove old autoconf macros.
      Fix BinMemInputStream test.
      Handle case where parser returns a null document.
      Migrate makefiles to MSVC9
      Add default constructors.
      Rework support for libcurl-based input to parser.
      Wrong setting when verifyHost is false.
      Set no_ticket option where possible, to avoid openssl bug connecting to older servers.
      Generalize "QName in content" helper function.
      Defend against empty location.
      Attempt to handle xmlsec versions where xsecsize_t doesn't exist.
      Fix type check.
      Switch to reference parameters as appropriate.
      Base template for loops on a single multimap.
      Add char_traits implementation for XMLCh string specialization on strict compilers.
      Patch around newer macro for older autoconf.
      Fix bug in non-covariant builder macro.
      Increase parser timeout values, output complete document when saving backup copies.
      Optimize check for bad characters.
      URL encode exception properties for XML-safe transport.
      Add helpers to encode keys into DER.
      Optimize return values of DER encoding functions.
      Optimize return values of DER encoding functions.
      Revert to string-based return values, add linefeed option.
      Add a method to retrieve AUTH_TYPE.
      Add lower level dependencies to devel package.
      Remove non-xstring code.
      Preproc symbols
      Add back api folder with a placeholder file.
      Try to fix doc handling again.
      Remove broken TLS destructor support.
      Add hashing options to key extraction support.
      Update include paths.
      Update issues fixed links.
      Clear hardcoded CA list to avoid OS-inflicted problems.
      Tighten a parameter for Solaris.
      Fix type of constant to match last change.
      Solaris fix.


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