log4shib 1.0.9-3~bpo8+1

Ferenc Wágner wferi at niif.hu
Thu Aug 11 21:36:30 UTC 2016

Etienne Dysli-Metref <etienne.dysli-metref at switch.ch> writes:

> While waiting for Russ to chime in on xml-security-c, I've backported
> log4shib for jessie. I've uploaded the source package to mentors.d.n
> [1]. Would you please review it?

Looks good, though I'd rather see its Git history.  I pushed one commit
to debian/master fixing some patch index inconsistency (purely
administrative change), you can branch off from the current tip.  When
reverting the GCC 5 ABI transition patch, take care not to remove the
NMU changelog entry (1.0.8-1.1) as well.  Also, if you intend to help
out with the master branch occasionally, you can branch off after adding
yourself to Uploaders.

> Are you able to upload it to jessie-backports?

I expect to be, but I'll be mostly absent for the rest of the week.
I will try to take a look at what you come up with, though.

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