Bug#844263: libxml-security-c-dev: depending on libssl1.0-dev breaks open-vm-tools

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Sun Dec 4 19:43:07 UTC 2016

On 12/4/16, 11:09 AM, "Pkg-shibboleth-devel on behalf of Ferenc Wágner" <pkg-shibboleth-devel-bounces+cantor.2=osu.edu at lists.alioth.debian.org on behalf of wferi at niif.hu> wrote:

> I can't see any conclusion in the OpenSSL 1.1 thread on debian-devel,
>    but we're running out of time.  We can't keep XMLTooling at OpenSSL 1.0,
>    because libcurl uses 1.1, but we can't switch to 1.1 either, because the
>    latest upstream release doesn't support it yet.  Have we got any option
>    left to ship Shibboleth in stretch after all?

I'm pretty sure I expressed disbelief that Debian was going to move to 1.1 this quickly when I got wind of it, and that there was no chance we (the Shibboleth Project) would be able to support it that quickly.

-- Scott

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