shibboleth-resolver is marked for autoremoval from testing

Debian testing autoremoval watch noreply at
Mon Dec 26 04:39:12 UTC 2016

shibboleth-resolver 1.0.0-1 is marked for autoremoval from testing on 2017-01-15

It (build-)depends on packages with these RC bugs:
828608: xmltooling: FTBFS with openssl 1.1.0
844815: xmltooling: moonshot-gss-eap: FTBFS: build-dependency not installable: libshibsp-dev (>= 2.5+dfsg~moonshot5)
844836: xmltooling: FTBFS: build-dependency not installable: libxml-security-c-dev (>= 1.7.3-3)

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