RFS: shibboleth-sp2/2.6.0+dfsg1-3~bpo8+1

Etienne Dysli-Metref etienne.dysli-metref at switch.ch
Fri Oct 21 14:19:54 UTC 2016

Hi Ferenc,

I've backported shibboleth-sp2 2.6.0+dfsg1-3~bpo8+1 for jessie and
uploaded it at https://mentors.debian.net/package/shibboleth-sp2. Could
you please review it and upload it further?

The only commit that I haven't pushed to debian/jessie-backports yet is
the changelog update:

shibboleth-sp2 (2.6.0+dfsg1-3~bpo8+1) jessie-backports; urgency=medium

  [ Ferenc Wágner ]
  * [f226ae4] Fix typo in shibboleth-sp2-utils description
  * [3d458a9] /lib/lsb/init-functions is in package lsb-base (>= 3.0-6)
  * [5cab41e] New patch
    Increase the timeouts in the shibd service file (Closes: #840056)

  [ Etienne Dysli Metref ]
  * Rebuild for jessie-backports.
  * [9c23ecb] Add myself to uploaders
  * [5b3a209] Update dependencies to OpenSAML 2.6 and XMLTooling 1.6.
    These versions are listed in the RPM spec file as dependencies.
    Also bumped required versions of shibboleth-sp2-utils and
    shibboleth-sp2-common to 2.6 to be in sync with the source package.
  * [1d0db86] Force usage of backported dependencies
    - log4shib (1.0.9-3)
    - opensaml2 (2.6.0-4)
    - xml-security-c (1.7.3-3)
    - xmltooling (1.6.0-3)

 -- Etienne Dysli Metref <etienne.dysli-metref at switch.ch>  Fri, 21 Oct
2016 15:02:53 +0200


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