Bug#874193: xml-security-c: Does not build with C++11 enabled, required for Xerces 3.2.0

Roger Leigh rleigh at codelibre.net
Thu Sep 7 19:44:22 UTC 2017

On 07/09/2017 19:03, Ferenc Wágner wrote:
> Anyway, could you please give me instructions to reproduce the build
> failure with C++11?  Adding in CXXFLAGS=-std=c++11 did not break the
> 1.7.3-4 build for me.  And what will I have to change once Xerces 3.2
> enters the archive?

It might be that the failure is only reproducible with clang++ (I found 
the issue originally on FreeBSD 11.1 with clang 4.0.0).

No other changes should be required to build with Xerces 3.2.  It's API 
compatible with 3.1, so will need a binary rebuild but that's about it. 
Upstream will be making a new xml-security-c release soon containing 
these patches anyway, plus a soname bump, so if Debian is already 
building fine with C++11 then there's likely not much that needs doing.


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