New xmltooling 1.6.3

Ferenc Wágner wferi at
Tue Jan 16 14:42:39 UTC 2018

Etienne Dysli-Metref <etienne.dysli-metref at> writes:

> I wanted to package the new release of xmltooling and I wonder what the
> correct process is. I did the following on my repository and it looks
> close to what you previously did:
> git checkout upstream/latest
> git merge 1.6.3
> git tag upstream/1.6.3
> git checkout debian/master
> git merge upstream/1.6.3
> Is this the right process?

Hi Etienne,

It's a bit more complicated (because the upstream/latest branch records
the contents of the officially released upstream tarballs, which
themselves can be reproduced with the help of the pristine-tar branch,
and the merge of the master tag is notation only to help tracking
patches) and also much simpler (because gbp helps with the bookkeeping):

gbp pq import (the patches may not apply after the tarball import)
uscan --report (make sure you'll get the expected version in the next step)
gbp import-orig --upstream-vcs-tag=1.6.3 --uscan
gbp pq rebase (resolve conflicts now, if any)
gbp pq export
gbp pq drop (you can do this later, it's ephemeral)

> git add debian/patches
> git commit -m"Refresh our patches"

Something like that.

> but I see some patches contain "-version-info 7:2:0", should that be
> changed to 7:3:0?

No, the shared library libtool versions didn't change between 1.6.2 and
1.6.3.  If they did, you'd have gotten conflicts during gbp pq rebase.
But this is a very straightforward update, the changes don't clash, I
tried it now.  (And yes, I really should have upstreamed or dropped most
of our patches.  I still hope they can get into Shibboleth 2, though.)

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