New xmltooling 1.6.3

Ferenc Wágner wferi at
Tue Jan 16 14:54:39 UTC 2018

"Cantor, Scott" <cantor.2 at> writes:

>> but I see some patches contain "-version-info 7:2:0", should that be
>> changed to 7:3:0?
> Ah, my bad, I missed a file. Yes, you should patch that. I don't think
> it's worth my doing yet another update when it's the same ABI anyway
> but I would do it if I were you.

I didn't think it was worth diverging from the upstream version info,
even if the pedantically correct numbering scheme dictates that.  Of
course we can do that if you recommend so, but it would be nice if we
could drop the delta on an eventual 1.6.4 release.

By the way, do you plan to team the upcoming SP 3 release with a new
major XMLTooling release as well?

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