New xmltooling 1.6.3

Ferenc Wágner wferi at
Wed Jan 17 11:26:43 UTC 2018

Etienne Dysli-Metref <etienne.dysli-metref at> writes:

> On 17/01/18 10:40, Ferenc Wágner wrote:
>> That shouldn't be necessary, gbp import-orig reads the branch names
>> from debian/gbp.conf. I tested the above command chain on my current 
>> checkout, and it worked perfectly with gbp I've never used 
>> gbp clone, though.
> I have gbp 0.7.2 so maybe it's a bit too old. Here is what my terminal
> looks like when I insert a `gbp pq switch`. The merge on debian/master
> at the end looks much better.
> [...]

That looks perfect.  If gbp pq rebase gives sane results as well, then
we can probably chalk the previous failure up to the gbp version
difference and you can use gbp pq switch as a workaround.

On the other hand, we could change a couple of things in our gbp.conf as
well, to make things more bulletproof.  For example:
- move pristine-tar = True into the DEFAULT section
- add merge-mode = replace into the import-orig section (if supported by
  your version)
What do you think?

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