Repository migration due to Alioth shutdown

Russ Allbery rra at
Thu May 10 18:30:17 BST 2018

wferi at (Ferenc W√°gner) writes:

> I migrated the following repositories to Salsa:

> log4shib
> opensaml2
> shibboleth-sp2
> xml-security-c
> xmltooling

> I intend to remove them in a couple of days as requested by the Alioth
> maintainers (so that they needn't achive them) in nobody objects.

> I've never worked with the following ones (and didn't touch/migrate them
> now either):

> opensaml
> shibboleth-idp2
> shibboleth-resolver
> shibboleth-sp

> All of these have been idle for 4 years at least.  Is everyone OK with
> leaving them for archival by the Alioth maintainers?  Looking at it,
> shibboleth-resolver 1.0.0-1 is still happily present in unstable with 0
> bugs. :)  The other 3 packages aren't part of Debian anymore (maybe
> shibboleth-idp2 never was).

shibboleth-resolver should move -- Sam Hartman was actively maintaining
that package, and it's still current.

opensaml and shibboleth-sp are of historical interest only; I'm not sure
if it's worth preserving the historical repositories outside of the Alioth
archives.  I'd probably lean towards no.

shibboleth-idp2 was a non-Policy-compliant packaging of an old version of
the IdP.  A proper packaging would require packaging a vast set of Java
dependencies and is very non-trivial.  I think it's fine for that
repository to get archived; I doubt it's useful for anyone, since there
have been major revisions of the IdP since then.

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