Bug#915044: shibboleth-resolver FTBFS with new log4shib/xmltooling/shibboleth-sp stack

peter green plugwash at p10link.net
Thu Nov 29 19:01:26 GMT 2018

Package: shibboleth-resolver
Severity: serious
Version: 1.0.0-1
Tags: sid, patch

shibboleth-resolver FTBFS, there are three issues.

Firstly it fails to find log4shib because it tries to use log4shib-config which no longer exists. I patched configure.ac to use pkg-config instead and enabled autoreconf in the dh sequence.

Secondly xsecsize_t no longer seems to exist, I replaced it with XMLSize_t

Thirdly it seems deprecated wrappers for createResolutionContext and extractAttributes wrapper were removed. The wrappers passed the call on to the still-existing version of the functions setting the "request" parameter to nullptr. So I simply set the request parameter to nullptr in the call

I have uploaded my fix to raspbian, a debdiff can be found at http://debdiffs.raspbian.org/main/s/shibboleth-resolver/shibboleth-resolver_1.0.0-1+rpi2.debdiff . No intent to NMU in Debian.

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